This is the last discussion board of the class. Your teaching strategy power point will be posted here for response by the class. The presentation will be posted here - start the discussion in the discussion tab.

Use these questions for discussion:
1) Was there a clear description of the instructional strategy by the authors?
2) Do you agree with the advantages about the strategy?
3) Do you agree with the disadvantages about the strategy?
4) Describe one way you would use the described strategy
5) Was there a clear conclusion to the presentation?
6) Any final thoughts?

Presentation #1 Lori Couch, Christina Jilek - Return Demonstration

Presentation #2 Trina Forney, Diana Givens - Self-instruction

Presentation #3 Joyce Parsons, Emily Reeb - Demonstration

Presentation #4 Kwamw Opoku-Agyemang, Katherine Simmons - Group Discussion